while Carrie Diaries dials back to the 1980s

while Carrie Diaries dials back to the 1980s

To cheer Carrie up and presumably reward her maturity, her father (Matt Letscher) arranges an internship at a Lower Manhattan law firm every Friday. No sooner is Carrie loosed on New York than she winds up in the Century 21 frock emporium and befriends an Interview magazine photographer (Freema Agyeman) who invites her to cocktails and dancing at Indochine with an michael michael kors assortment of late-Warholian-era hipsters.

There so much to get wrong about all this that it a relief to see Carrie Diaries striving to get so much right, as far as the period details (girls with heavier eyebrows; walls decorated with Patrick Nagel prints) and the mood of the 1980s. After all, isn and the City at least partially responsible for ruining New York, for driving up its cost of living and flooding it with tourists in search of cosmos, cupcakes and Jimmy Choos? Does it have a right to now dreamily fetishize a dirtier, cheaper and more authentic New York?

This Carrie is managing two worlds: www.michaelkorscanada2013.info high school, with its cliques and wannabes, and a budding romance with the bright lights and the big city. Her friends (Ellen Wong and Katie Findlay) are losing their virginities, while another (Brendan Dooling) struggles with his homosexuality. Heady from her night with the Danceteria crowd, Carrie of course jots it all down in a notebook (there are no laptops or bejeweled cellphones yet). Cue a tender ballad version of Just Want to Have Fun while, in the earnest style of Carrie and the City columns, she reaches for one of the first of her million, inelegant metaphors: She has lost her virginity, she realizes. Not to a boy, but to a town.

I know, I know gag me with a spoon.

But that how it goes with stories about New York and its naifs. You must accept the gobbledygook they spout with each self-discovery, or you have to tune it out entirely..This article posted by loveyyp408 2013-04-09.http://michaelkorsoutletcanadia.webs.com Michael Kors Handbags Outlet

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