while Ann Romney embraces Republican red for Election night

while Ann Romney embraces Republican red for Election night

Making an impression: Four years ago, on November 4, 2008, the then-new First Lady made her first major style statement in a bold black and red Narciso Rodriguez sheath

And her husband clearly agrees, as during his victory speech in Chicago he said: ‘I have never loved you more, I have never been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love with you, too, as the nation First Lady.’

Four years ago, on November 4, 2008, the then-new First Lady made her first major style statement in a bold black and red Narciso Rodriguez sheath.

During this year’s campaign trial the she has been seen wearing edgy creations from the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Preen and Thom Browne.

I think michael michael kors the photos are lovely. Mrs. Romney’s dress looks well on her although she does look ill. Mrs. Obama looks well in her dress also. Different dress from election night four years ago, Micial kors canada 2013 offer the best michael kors bags but same colors. I like her outlook on life, just because you can ; you still don’t have to flaunt it. No one to impress but yourself. What I really like about the above photo is the look on the girls faces. The younger one is truly jubliant while the oldest one looks like she saying “Gee, I’ll never get a date now”

This is what Ann SHOULD have worn: an A-line red wool midi-length skirt with a narrow red belt to neutralise her thick waist and gently skim her figure; a draped cowl-neck white silk blouse, tucked in, to flow over her rolls rather than cling to them; a longer length fine-gauge wool navy blue cardigan; navy blue tights; none of that awful chunky jewellry she seems to favour (it’s ugly, sorry), just plain pearl earrings; and a pair of red kitten heels. It would’ve been a patriotically coloured ensemble and much better than the partisan coloured clingy knit dress she chose. Topped off with red nails and lipstick, a sleeker updo rather than that teased, flyaway mess, and she would’ve been fine. I don’t see anything wrong with Michelle’s outfit or the fact that she has, as DM puts it, thriftily recycled it. If she had a new ensemble she’d be vilified for the expense. They may only accept gifts offered to the nation. If a foreign leader gives them, say, a vase, it remains in the White House (like Bush forgetting the Churchill bust was only on loan and leaving it for Obama to return, causing a fuss amongst the ill-informed). If Mrs Obama wears a designer outfit, she paid for it out of pocket. In the US there is no ‘allowance’ given for clothing worn for official events. The president and his family garb themselves for everything. Designers are not permitted to give them gifts so that they can be promoted. That’s frowned upon and viewed as ‘influence peddling’.

At Mrs. Romneys age and past medical history, she looks a heck of a lot classier. She looks thick and lumpy. Evidently even Spanx has its limits. One would think with all their money, she could afford to both dress better and do something with that perpetually unkempt hair. Those constant above the knee skirts are inappropriate for a woman hard on 70 and only serve to highlight the resemblance of her legs to Cheryl Cole’s. No one needs to see her lumpy knees, either. She also needs to wear tights and cease going barelegged at her age. It’s November and below freezing in New England. She dresses like a wannabe Barbie doll. Michelle is never seen in short skirts like that, and she’s tall enough to where the bolero jacket look works. She’s dressed appropriately for a middle-aged woman. Oh, and 3-4 inch heels all the time, with Ann’s MS? Hmmm..This article posted by loveyyp408 2013-04-09.http://michaelkorsoutletcanadia.webs.com Michael Kors Handbags Outlet

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